Vastu Soft™ User Guide

Vastu Soft™ User Guide

Vastu Soft™ Android Version – For Mobile & Tablets User Guide June 2017 Ayadi Calculation Available in 6 Languages with Smart Sensors English, Malay...

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Alternatively use any web browser (http://iSavi or to control your iSavi™ satellite terminal. * Apps are supplied by Inmarsat. Power Button.

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Jan 3, 2017 - Creating and Posting Batch Journal Entries. 150. File Import and Data Selection Page. 156. Batch Last Year Journal Entries. 162. Journal Entry Templates. 166. Display Journal Entries. 173. 4: Budget Ledgers. 179. Budget Ledger Options.

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You may also access your voicemail visually using CommPortal ... CommPortal. CommPortal gives you a powerful and easy to use Web interface to your phone settings. Logging In: 1. Go to: 2. Enter your ...... The Toolbar

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